Easy to use accounting software. Your bank transactions automatically import into Xero
the next business day making it easy to keep your financial date up to date.


Below are some of the APPs recommended by The Accounting Studio. Please contact us for more information on these and many of the other apps that integrate with Xero.


Add eWay as a payment service not only to your website but also add a link to your invoices so that clients can pay their invoices using their credit card.


POS (Point of Sale) software for the retail industry.


An ecommerce platform to sell through your website, online, through social media or have a store


Simple easy to use Payroll Software that could be free to use.


Sophisticated payroll software with amazing customer service.


Software to issue quotes allowing customers to select from alternative options to alter the total amount of the quote, allowing clients to accept, decline or comment on quotes and most importantly help managing quotes and following up on quotes.


Save time by automating Accounts Payable


Software to keep track of your staff’s time for time based billing and tracking job profitability and job management software


Sophisticated software for more advanced management of inventory


Sign up for a free Gmail e-mail account and get access to Google Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets.

From US$5 per month you can have your e-mail address at your domain to look more professional.


Professional looking e-mails using your domain as an e-mail address as well as the Microsoft suite of products including Word, Excel and more.


Do not consider Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive suitable. Use Dropbox to keep all your documents online, access them from anyware and share them with others. Start with Dropbox for free and upgrade later for more storage and additional features.


Chrome is a better browser, work better with Google and G Suite and is he recommended web browser by Xero.